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Stoke Motorcycle Training Centre


Instructor Course


Instructor Course

If your over 21yrs of age and have held your full motorcycle licence for three years or more why not consider an Instructor's course. We cover everthing from your own riding ability, training with realife candidates through to various scenarios looking at fault identification, fault analysis and remedial action. We'll give you all the help and guidance to pass your Cardington Assessments. When your fully qualified we have work ready and waiting for you.

Your Cardington assessments last two days for the Compulsory Basic Training element and a further half day for the Direct Access element.  You will be assessed on your Instructor ability and also your supervisory skills, you must be satisfactory in both elements if you wish to run your own ATB (actual training body).


 Tel: Ken Gratton 07815 747557 (m) 01782 262879 (h)