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Advanced Training

Why do an Advanced Course when I have a full motorcycle licence?

If you look at incident rates among motorcyclists they can be divided in to two main areas, one the young inexperienced novice rider and two the mature born again biker.

The Advanced Course is here to sort out the second of the bunch. Today’s modern motorcycles are extremely powerful, lightweight and sophisticated machines and it’s important that the rider has the ability and necessary skills to handle and to get the maximum benefit from his/her machine.

The course will cover all aspects of “IPSGA” the five stage system of motorcycle control.

Information: Taking in all aspects of your surrounding, staying focused so to be prepared for any change of circumstance. For example before you change lane, position or speed you need to know what is happening in front, to the side and behind you.

Position: Always riding in the best position to allow you to negotiate hazards safely.

Speed: Adjusting your speed to match any impending hazards, accounting for visibility, road surface, severity of bends, other road users and unforeseen hazards in limited view scenarios.

Using the throttle, brakes and gears to maximum effect and coordinate correctly to avoid harsh braking, throttle and mistimed gear changes. Aim to make all adjustments in speed smoothly and steadily anticipating the road ahead.

Gears: Selecting the appropriate gear for the speed at which you intend to negotiate the hazard.

Acceleration: Using your throttle to maintain your speed and stability through a hazard. Opening the throttle sufficiently to offset any loss of speed due to cornering forces. Take into consideration speed, road surface, other road users, traffic conditions and decide when appropriate to accelerate away from a hazard.

The information phase overlaps every other phase of the system. Continuous assessment of information runs through every phase of the system and is comprised in the acronym TUG: take, use, and give.

Taking, using and giving information introduces the system and continues through it. Because of your increased vulnerability as a motorcyclist, your safety and maybe survival, depends on your ability to take, use and give information.

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