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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

How We Respect Your Privacy (and your time)

Like almost everyone nowadays, we suffer daily from the irresponsible use of e-mail. We remain unable to understand the philosophy that it's possible to generate sales by irritating customers, but it must be working for someone, or surely they'd have stopped by now.

We deplore this misuse of of a superb communication medium and we are committed to avoiding adding to the burden of useless information. This means that, first and foremost, we do not share your information with anyone outside our own organisation, and that we take pains to protect the information that is under our care.

When you contact us or register any of your details with us, they are added to our list of opted-in subscribers. We record the interest that you have indicated to ensure that we only contact you with relevant information.

Contact Forms
If you've used a contact form or e-mail to make an enquiry, then we'll respond to that enquiry only. If this leads to a dialogue between us - as we hope it will - then we'll continue communications on the basis that we're doing so at your invitation, and that you can withdraw that invitation at will.

Registering for Updates
Where you've registered for updates, we don't add you immediately to our subscription list. Instead we send you an e-amail by return asking you to confirm that you do indeed want to receive updates. This helps us to ensure that you've genuinely requested contact, and that you haven't been added mischievously to our list. Only when you confirm your wishes will you be added to the list.

Removing Yourself From Our Lists
On the rare occasion we send out update information, we always include a link to unsubscribe from the list. We promise that this is a genuine, working unsubscription link, and that clicking it will prevent further automated contact from us. Should you wish us to remove you completely from our database, then please use the unsubscribe link and we will purge our records entirely. Sending this request will prompt one further e-mail from us to confirm that this is what you require.

Regularity of Contact
We have no wish to annoy you with over-frequent, irrelevant or trivial contact. Accordingly, we don't operate a regular newsletter type of approach to our updates. Only when we have something to say that we believe will be genuinely interesting and useful to you will we send out an update. We'll always err on the side of under-contact rather than risk becoming just another e-mail spammer.

Licence details for compulsory basic training will be held for a minimum period of two years as per DVSA guidelines. No details will be passed to a third party unless asked to do so by the police for the purpose of crime prevention. After this period details will be securely destroyed.
Licence details will be processed for the purpose of test bookings, and passed to the DVSA for the purpose of licence acquisition.
Card payments will be taken through a secure portal. All details will be processed within PCI DSS compliance guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us.





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