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Stoke Motorcycle & Driver Training Terms and conditions.

By booking any training it is deemed that you have read and agreed to the Terms and conditions.

Stoke Motorcycle & Driver Training and all our Instructors are licenced and accredited by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency).
Students must produce a valid UK licence with provisional entitlement for motorcycles. Additionally, an online check may be conducted to verify your details. Your National Insurance number will be required for this.

A valid CBT certificate must be produced if you have completed compulsory basic training elsewhere before any further training can be conducted.

If Students are using own machine it must be in a roadworthy condition, with ‘L’ plates front and rear. A certificate of insurance, tax and valid MOT if applicable. An online check may be conducted.
Students are responsible for traffic offences and impending fines or endorsements committed whilst training. Students details will be held securely on file for a maximum two-year period to comply with DVSA regulations and to produce to relevant authorities if asked to do so.

Students should have a good understanding of the Highway Code, training may be suspended or extended if there is evidence that this is not the case.

Training will be conducted in English and Students must be able to follow and comply with basic instructions in English over an intercom system.

Motorcycling can be a potential hazardous undertaking. All instructors will endeavour to keep clients safe during training. All students must adhere to Instructor commands for the safety not only of themselves, but anyone else in the group. The ratio of Instructor to student will not exceed 4:1 on the training area and a maximum of 2:1 for the road element.

CBT Training times:
CBT training day will commence no later than 9.00am and finish no later than 4pm. Students should be onsite for 8.30am for licence checks, issue of safety equipment etc.

Any additional training to meet the required standard will be charged at £30/hr.
Students turning up late for whatever reason may have their course terminated. No refund will be issued.

Direct Access:
Times for direct access will be mutually agreed between instructor and student prior to training commencing. Times may be subject to change due to weather, seasonal changes, hours of daylight etc.

Damage to equipment:
The cost to repair damage to motorcycles or equipment may be passed on to the student. Any damage to motorcycles which result in the machine being unusable, students may have their training terminated and no refund will be issued.

Equipment is provided to minimise injury and must be worn as DVSA guidelines. Anyone refusing to wear protective equipment may have their course terminated. Track suits and trainers will not be allowed. A minimum requirement would be jeans (with no tears), sturdy footwear (covering the ankle), motorcycle grade gloves, safety helmet and jacket. Safety equipment is readily available in from small to 2xl (anyone requiring equipment out of this range, please speak to a member of the team prior to training).

Use of personal motorcycle:
A personal machine may be used as long as it is roadworthy, L plates are fitted to the front and rear of machine. Additionally, students must produce a valid MOT (if applicable), an insurance certificate, and road tax. An online check may be conducted to validate documents.

Payments can be made through the website, through the Ride2 booking portal, BACS, or cash by prior arrangement. A minimum £25 deposit for CBT will secure your place.

All bookings taken through the Ride2 portal will be subject to their terms and conditions.

The training school cannot be held responsible for any tests cancelled or rearranged by the DVSA.

Any lost expenses incurred due to this will have to be claimed back via the DVSA.

Cancellation policy:

CBT courses will require a minimum of seven working days’ notice of cancellation before booked date. No refunds will be issued after this period.

Direct Access courses will require a minimum of seven working days’ notice of cancellation before booked date. No refunds will be issued after this period.

All tests booked by the training school will require seven working days’ notice of cancellation before booked date. No refunds will be issued after this period.

Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Gift vouchers:
Gift vouchers are readily available for all courses. They must be redeemed within a three month period from date on the voucher. Vouchers are not transferable.


Licence details for compulsory basic training will be held for a minimum period of two years as per DVSA guidelines. No details will be passed to a third party unless asked to do so by the police for the purpose of crime prevention. After this period details will be securely destroyed.

Licence details will be processed for the purpose of test bookings, and passed to the DVSA for the purpose of licence acquisition.
Card payments will be taken through a secure portal. All details will be processed within PCI DSS compliance guidelines.


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